HIGH WATER Investment Brochure

Black Rock Films are pleased to announce the release of our latest investment brochure. We are raising finance to produce a new feature film, entitled “HIGH WATER”. It’s a thriller set in Brighton, UK.

There are many reasons to invest; perhaps you love Brighton? Perhaps you love thrillers? Perhaps you wish to support the director and writers? Perhaps you are a film lover and love the idea of a Brighton thriller made by a Brighton cast and crew?

To receive a PDF copy of our investment brochure please click the link below.

We will also invite you to our upcoming investment events where you can meet the team.

There will be a share of potential profits, and as an investor you will be in “first position”, i.e. you will recoup your investment before any profits are divided. If you wish to take this opportunity to get involved then you become part of the team. There are also a number of exclusive investor rewards available. 

The making of a feature film is never easy, it’s a team effort, and a fantastically rewarding creative endeavour. Please contact me if you have any questions, and thank you for your interest.

Please click the link below to download our brochure.

Ewan Gorman

High Water Investment Brochure