We now offer a showreel producing service for actors and performers.

Chosing the best clips

We can help you select the best parts of your work for inclusion.

In the main we will use the following criteria; Does this reflect the best standard of your acting? Does this clip offer a new aspect of your acting, that other clips don’t? Is the quality of the footage high enough to leave a professional impression?

We will Keep it short and sweet

Directors and casting directors and agents are all busy people, they will not sit through a ten minute epic reel to decide if your are right for the job. They will make their decision quickly and will probably only watch the first 30 seconds. So we have to start strongly! Your showreel should be less than three minutes, with one-two minutes being ideal.

What are we offering?

Option A

Creating Showreel from Editing Existing Footage: £75 (special Equity members discount £60)

Option B

Filming two new scenes, plus editing exiting footage: £150

So if you don’t have enough footage, or you want some new material then this option is the one. Let’s discuss your requirements.

Option A – How Does It Work?

  1. Upload Your Files
    Send over your files via Dropbox or Googledrive
  2. We Study Your Clips
    We watch all your clips and in discussion with you pick the best bits as well as the running order for them.
  3. Editing The Video
    We edit the showreel! We then review the video, render it in HD and transfer it to you. Splendid!

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