Black Rock Films is a production company based in Brighton, England. Our mission is to tell stories that stimulate the mind and touch the heart. The current production is a realistic adventure tale with a science fiction twist…

When the tranquility of the Sussex countryside is shattered by a startling series of animal attacks, the blame is placed on an escaped Big Cat…

Ewan Gorman


Ewan is a Director of several years’ standing with numerous short films under his belt, now moving into the realm of feature films.

He is primarily interested in making films that connect with the audience on an emotional level. A graduate of the University of Portsmouth and the Brighton Film School, Ewan learnt his craft by shooting and editing relentlessly.


The current project is an action/adventure story with two eleven-year-old boys at its centre. The feature script, which he also wrote, is partially a reaction to mankind’s current attempts to assert control over nature, and a response to the dangers that a cold-handed overconfidence can bring. It also deals with issues central to the modern ‘family unit’ and to its various different shapes and sizes in which children grow up these days.

“I am a storyteller first and foremost, who tells dramatic stories in the most visual and interesting way that I can. It’s about finding the human truth in a given situation.”

The film was shot in Brighton and the beautiful surrounding Sussex Downs, with a team of talented artists, in the Summer of 2012. With another hat on, Ewan has run film-making courses for youngsters at The Kids Film School for the last five years.


Stephanie De Palma




Stephanie De Palma has worked as an actor, director and producer in New York, Los Angeles and the UK.  Based partly in the states and the UK, Stephanie has produced several stage plays and films some of which include Freak Show (LA, 2003), Stand Alones and Others (LA 2004), Two Women and a Waitress (NY 2006).

Stephanie recently won an award for ‘Best Directorial Debut’ for the documentary film Ralph: Someone to Me, at the NY International Film Festival (2010).  Stephanie continues to reside in NY and Brighton (UK) working on projects that speak to her.